Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I saw myself reflected in those pair of eyes,
I saw there with astonishing clarity the whole of me,myself,moi...there"I"stood in all my pure worth and unworth.

I saw there the hidden parts of my soul...

The dark corners of my soul hidden beneath the surface was hidden no more..
It was out in the open,all too clearly,in those pair of eyes.

The blackness of my being positioned itself snugly in those pair of eyes..
Those pair of eyes did not seem to mind reflecting the dust and grime,
the tears and sorrow,
the pain and agony
the spite and bias ...of this self of mine.

Those pair of eyes would always cast( on my world) a look of limitless love... a love undefined and not easily attainable...

Now those pair of eyes"live"no more...they stare at me from photographs unblinking and unseeing..
Though the memories linger on, my mind cannot recreate the image of those pair of eyes...
For those eyes held unlimited love...
The mind cannot recreate the image of unlimited love..the mind can work only within limits..within boundaries...limitlessness numbs the mind into blankness...

But I know when Life makes me sit huddled in the corner of a dark room crying hopelessly
those pair of eyes will give me the strength to stand upto to the challenges offered by this presence or force called Life and look it sqaurely in the eye...

As to how much of "living force"does Life have without those pair of eyes to look into?
Aah..well..some questions are best left to fend for themselves!