Wednesday, August 13, 2008


HE,THE ENLIGHTENED ONE had broken free.
That was where his true victory lay..

HE had freed his mind from all of it..
From the stifling oppressiveness of a mind caged,bound and walled in from all four directions...
From the claustrophobic menace of the mind not being allowed to think for itself..
From the dog's leash with which the mind is reined in to follow the "ready-made"path..
From the precise accuracy with which any attempt to deviate from the "ready-made"path is shot down..
From the cunning manipulation with which any desire to forge one's own path is ridiculed..

From the shock of the mind being beaten to a pulp for daring not to follow the herd..
From the death-like tantrum of the mind strugling to come up for air at being pulled down into the swamp of the"normal path"...

Amid all this lifeless,soul-less living..
Amid all attempts at Destruction of his individuality
HE had broken free.

Atlast HIS mind was unchained,unbound,un-gagged and unwalled...HE was free!
There blossomed in his mind ,which hitherto had been an arid desert,the twin green fertile leaves of Knowledge and Realization.

The Knowledge of the Self and its Oneness with the entirety of the Cosmos.
The Knowledge of the Spark of Divinity within Him and every animate and inanimate thing within the Cosmos..
The knowledge that the Cosmos is infinite,limit-less and immensely powerful like his own mind.

The Realization that the only certain certainty of Life is Death.
The Relization that the lulling ,elusive, illusory nature of the world is like a mirage in the desert..meant to deceive,betray and give hope when in reality there is no hope at all.
The Realization that only the mind which has tapped into its immense potential can achieve self-realization and fulfillment.

Equipped with his twin green leaves of Knowledge and Realization he set forth on his path of Creation..the Creation of a new path...
From His soul which had become the Cosmos itself He gave birth to THE MIDDLE PATH..
The Middle Path which was,is and will always be the giver of solace,comfort and nourishment to millions of lost souls wandering in the darkness of their lost selves..

He will always be the liberator of souls..
For He had become the Cosmos...
The Cosmos had become Him...