Saturday, June 7, 2008


Looking back its difficult to pin-point the "actual"moment when it all began unfolding.

Looking back its difficult to pin-point when the deterioration began..
When things actually started sliding down-hill in a disastrous avalanche..
When exactly did love vanish from their lives?
Was it a sudden disappearace??...a sudden withdrawal in a single moment?? a fairy god-mother suddenly withdrawing a wish-granting fairy from the life of a gleeful kid..

Or was it a slow,painful process..did the poison of indifference spread like a malignant cancer..slowly devouring everything in its way and leaving a path of sickness in its wake..
Did the tentacles of "lovelessness" spread gradually that it was difficult to realise it till the deed was done and over with..

When did they pack up their bags and leave each other's lives mentally?

It becomes incredibly difficult to say..

Looking back over the shoulder onto the Past provides no answers...the Past is (and seems) a huge tunnel of darkness...nothing seems to be discernible in there..the sign-boards proclaiming the loss of love cannot be seen...the Past lies there sprawling...but its just a huge,gaping mouth of darkness and blackness..its futile to try and make sense of it..

The Past cannot be is indecipherable they doubt if it ever existed in the first place..

The Present though is clearly brightly clear that the eyes get blinded by the clarity of it...and the sign-boards of the Present say..LOVELESSNESS,INDIFFERENCE,EMPTINESS.

They embraced their Present with a whole-hearted passion and wept...
they sobbed for what was(if it ever was)..
what Is..(if it really Is)
and what will be(if it will ever be)...