Monday, January 19, 2009


When did she allow herself to turn into a punching bag?
A willing dart-board,
A mass of flesh into which is showered punches,kicks,abuse,slaps and other slimy stuff.

When did she become Insignificant,
And Worthless.

When did she lose the minimum amount of self-respect needed to qualify as a human?
And inadvertently transform herself into a sub-human!

A garbage can.
Don't look into her now.
Don't open the lid.
(or if u do,do it at your own risk)
The garbage has long since decomposed.
Rotted into a nameless "stinking nauseating thing".

She waited for a knight in shining armour to empty her garbage.
To cleanse her
And stop the stink.
To make her fragrant
And human again.

To give her back her Self.

Her waiting has been in vain so far...(an eternal wait this is going to be)
The knights did her the favour of adding more to the filth...
The garbage has begun over-flowing,outgrowing the lid.

When will she realise that she has to empty the garbage herself?
She has to cleanse herself and become whole again.
She has to regain her Self.
But all on her own.
No crutches,no support.
She has only SHE for company.