Wednesday, April 1, 2009


A sea-shore,
Damp saltiness in the air,
Sand-houses...built up only to be broken down.
The forceful waves,
The eternal ocean,
A mighty force...

Capable of sinking into insignificance the mightiest Ego.

In some derelict unabandoned spot on the shore,
There lies his foot imprint,
Untouched by the mighty force.
Still intact.

The ferocious waves in their arrogant abundance,
The smooth waves in their gleeful simplicity,
Hoped to wipe it clean.
Wipe it away into non-existence.
But it remained untouchable.
Eluding them by just a hair's breadth sometimes,
Yet always unreachable.

Embedded firmly in the sand,
Lies His foot imprint....
A small win against a mighty force...
A win nevertheless!