Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The Night had a
Captivating Vastness to it.
The Vastness of

The Vastness
Held the Night,
In a death-like grip.
A tantalisingly tentacled strangle..
Whilst cradling it,
In the tar-black swampy blackness
of its "Nightness".
Solacing it well,
Into the wee hours of Dawn.
Till the Night vanished,
Into the Vastness
of piercingly blinding Light.

Did the Vastness engulf the Night?
And devour it out of existence
Stripping it dead?
Or did the Night
Simply get elevated
beyond the parameters
of being Alive?

Now remains, only Vastness..
Beautifully expansive
Eerily vast
Stretching away into
Infinite Unlimitedness.


Anonymous said...

I think nightness means all the difficulties of life...we should overcome all the problems and move towards the light..then to the eternal path of moksha..these two are interconected i mean nightness and vastness...even in Geetha bhagvan says there is no existence for both independently..light and darkness...the vastness is the brahman...when darkness falls light is just around the corner...it is not going anywhere..so whatever be the situation just move on...into the light of heaven...which guides us through the darkness...if we are morose just look into the vastness of all the opportunities aroung us..it is waiting for us..and if we realize the greatnes of vastness then no fear in life..becos it is the ultimate brahman..

nishaa said...

It is always interesting to read how one poem can hold so many different meanings within it depending on the reader's frame of mind.

Yes,like you so aptly mentioned Night or darkness can signify the problems,the hindrances or obstacles on the path-way of life...and Vastness the light towards which we should aspire to move...and like you point out Vastness can also mean Vastness of opportunities when things look bleak on one front...like they say when one door closes another opens!Vastness is always present to cheer us up when we are made morose by Life.

I especially found very profound this line of yours "Even in Geetha bhagvan says there is no existence for both independently..light and darkness"...it is a deep line which encompasses the essence of spirituality...light and darkness,pleasure and pain,laughter and tears,ups and downs...contradictory or opposing emotions form the basic structure of Life and make it what is...and Equanimity of Mind amid all these ups and downs,highs and lows is the true hallmark of an advanced spiritual soul.

Anonymous said...

Saphires of Solitude

The poem The Vastness And The Night is a meaningful monologue of heart.The title suggests its rich symbolism.The poem encompasses an idea,a metaphysic.

The traditional imagery of the poem involves whole spirals of meaning and acquires a haunting,universal quality.It can be read as the epic of the Soul and the lyric of everyday life.

All modern poetry is sustained by the living waters of our racial tradition and by the continuing breezes from the West.Travelling in the no-man's land between Illusion and Experience man must harbour the chalice of Self-knowledge.There is then hope that sometime out of this tartarean darkness will rise the dawn of a new life that will take one to the regions of unending bliss.

The poetess attempts to tell anew in the contemporary idiom the familiar Gospel of Christ-the universal Christ,everybody's Christ.Nothing dies in the realm of God.

The poem can be read as the apocalypse of the passage from darkness to light as enshrined in the famous Vedic prayer "Tamaso ma jyothir gamaya" as also from the present death-in-life to a life of fulfillment.

This is a poem of becoming,the night into the vastness.The poetess enumerates the images of the cradle,death-in-life,life-in-death,solace,the fierce old mother,thus bringing life and death together.

The poem ends with a mystic affirmation.The last stanza sums up the essence of the Shanti mantra of the Upanishads("Om poornamada poornamidam")proclaiming the omnipresence and omnipotence of Brahman(Cosmic spirit).

The message?Individual man still carries within him the seed of future perfection.Man today feels crushed by his seeming insignificance(The Unbearable Lightness of Being-Milan Kundera).But the human adventure is not ended.Life is worth living still.Hope beckons,Grace is unfailing.Man can exceed himself and grasp at the power and the glory that await him in tomorrow's world.To reach such impassioned verse that articulates robust faith in a future is a tonic after a diet of decadent modernism.

nishaa said...


Firstly i think this critique is so brilliant that it outshines the poem and elevates its meaning to another level altogether.Like they say, the more brilliant a critic or a reader is the more meaningful a poem becomes! I think your comment is worthy of an analytical critical commentary of its very own.

The basic idea of this poem germinated from the lines of Robert Frost about the well-travelled path and the path less travelled.Though the well-travelled path does provide solace in its "safeness",paradoxically it is also a slavery.There is no worse tyrant than the safe,conforming,well-travelled path which one follows out of a fear of non-conformity.

And when an individual hides in the darkness and blackness(Night)of conformity, the Vastness of non-conformity and the sense of liberation and fulfillment which it has to offer never ceases to hypnotise and cradle his soul and almost strangle it with magnetic unease...

Ultimately Vastness or the path less-traversed remains just that..a mirage,and like you mentioned almost an illusion...or maybe an oasis in a desert of conformity..giving us a few moments of greenery in an otherwise barren life of total conformity.

vibha reddy said...

hi nishaa,

wonderful to read a poem that takes me to another world.

if u remember me, you used to read my articles. i happen to read your comment again and remembered you


Anonymous said...

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